Upskilling workforce for Industry 4.0

Despite the fact that continuously updated skills training is a well-recognized facet of the digital transformation, many industry observers see the current situation as dire. This issue is exacerbated by a wave of retirements on the one hand, and a lack of enthusiasm for manufacturing among young people on the other.

Moreover, educational programs aimed at helping new employees acquire the skills they need to enter the manufacturing field are not always as effective in addressing the need for the current workforce to continually update its skills, as digital transformation often brings rapid alterations to prevailing work processes.

Fortunately, much of the same technology facilitating Industrial Internet of Things data interchange can also be used to foster digital knowledge transfer by enabling workers to access unified databases of training materials and other content from any location.

Recommendations from Makoro™ extend beyond asset performance and operations and maintenance to the operations and maintenance workforce.

Additionally, through its #DynamicLearning capabilities, #MakoroAI helps you capture the #TribalKnowledge from your experienced and retiring workforce, which is then used to guide the younger workers entering the workforce. This facilitates worker onboarding, increases worker productivity, and drives #WorkforceEngagement.

To find out how the workforce of tomorrow – #WoT – can leverage the augmentation capabilities of Makoro™ to excel in their job responsibilities, schedule a demo today.