Connectivity is not enough, drive value through Continuous Intelligence

ROI calculation is easy with Makoro™ – the simplified, all-inclusive, per-asset-per-month pricing model makes it easy to calculate the return on investment. Unlike traditional asset performance management software, Makoro™ delivers value in days and not in months and years. Our unique Prove-Deploy-Learn-Scale cycle makes it possible.

Big bang adoption of AI technologies always fails. We recommend: start small, connect a few assets, deliver value, drive adoption. Repeat. Makoro™’s Recommendations Dashboard demonstrates value to businesses in real-time, putting them on a journey of continuous improvement.

Yet another important factor in driving digital transformation through AI is workforce adoption, which Makoro™ accelerates through natural language recommendations that are easy to understand and act upon. Connectivity is the first step, but it does not deliver value.

Makoro™ accelerates time to value through continuous intelligence derived from connected assets. Makoro™ leverages #AppliedArtificialIntelligence in solving transformative problems in the manufacturing supply chain.

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