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Revolutionizing manufacturing with a visionary approach, we harness data, AI, and cutting-edge tech. Join us on the path to smarter, sustainable operations for greater efficiency and value delivery in the industry.

Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence Through Collaboration


We embrace collaborative opportunities with forward-thinking partners. As a technology provider, consultant, or passionate organization aligned with our mission, explore the potential of partnering with us for innovative solutions in manufacturing.

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Access to Cutting- Edge Solutions

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of Makoro's solutions through collaboration. Join forces with us to harness innovation, drive efficiency, and foster growth within your industry through state-of-the-art technology and collaborative partnerships.

Mutual Growth

We believe in growing together. Our partnerships are designed to be mutually beneficial, fostering long-term relationships.

Innovation and Creativity

Join forces and explore creative solutions to address market challenges. Foster a culture of continuous learning and encourage partners to share insights from industry conferences and workshops, contributing to a shared knowledge base.

Exceptional Support

Experience our unparalleled support and resources designed to help our partners succeed. We regularly incorporate customer insights and share industry insights and technological advancements to better identifiy new opportunities jointly.

Partnership Opportunities

No matter the opportunity, we have a strategy that will add value to each other’s businesses through increased revenue, cost savings, expanded market reach, and enhanced brand reputation.

Technology Partnerships

Explore joint development and integration opportunities. Collaborate with us to create seamless and powerful solutions for our mutual customers.

Sales Partnerships

We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with resellers who share our commitment to excellence. Join us in bringing innovative solutions to customers around the world.

Business Consultancy

Leverage your expertise to help businesses optimize their operations. Partner with us to offer comprehensive consultancy services backed by our cutting-edge technology.

Content Creators and Influencers

Are you a content creator, blogger, or social media influencer? Join our affiliate program and help us spread the word about Makoro.

How to Get Started

Ready to explore a partnership with us? Here’s how to get started



Reach out to our partnership team by filling out the form below or by scheduling a call. Let us know your area of interest and how you envision the partnership.


Discussion and

We’ll schedule a discussion to understand your goals better and explore how our partnership can be mutually beneficial.

  • Understand Makoro TM: Understand the MakoroTM product and services, including licensing and deployment.
  • Evaluate Your Capabilities: Assess your capabilities, including your ability to sell, deploy, and support Makoro™M Consider your existing customer base and how Makoro’s offerings fit  into your portfolio.
  • Discuss Revenue Sharing: Have a detailed discussion about the revenue- sharing model.
  • Negotiate Terms: Negotiate the specific terms of the partnership agreement.



Once we align our visions, we’ll initiate the collaboration process, providing you with the necessary resources and support.

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