Recommendations are

Makoro makes recommendations based on real-time, automated correlation and analysis of sensor data and data from operational and enterprise systems, resulting in faster, consistent, compliant, and data-driven decisions, enabling your business to respond promptly to changing conditions.


Recommendations are specific to job roles and are made in the language that workers can understand and act upon without help from data scientists and data analysts.

Delivered Automatically and Continuously

Makoro recommendations are delivered continuously and automatically to users at the point of consumption in real-time through various channels, depending on the context of the application and the preferences of the users.


Recommendations can be delivered through the official Makoro app, your business applications, email, SMS, push notifications, etc.

Demonstrate Impact to Business

The Recommendation Dashboard demonstrates in real time the value delivered by recommendations to business KPIs. It establishes a clear link between the metrics governing recommendations and the observed variations in the business metrics. Benchmarking the dashboard provides context and helps business stakeholders understand how your ROI goals compare to industry standards and internal expectations.


The dashboard also allows the stakeholders to remain engaged, be informed about the ongoing progress, and tweak operations as needed to realize the desired outcomes.

Deliver Higher Value with Use

Makoro’s AI-powered learning system learns from data, refines its models, and improves accuracy and relevancy in predictions and recommendations over time as it receives more data and feedback in terms of user interactions.


As Makoro continues to learn and evolve, its value to your business and users increases, making it an increasingly powerful tool for optimizing your operations.

Run Anywhere

Makoro’s adherence to open standards and protocols ensures interoperability, allowing systems to integrate and function consistently across different infrastructures. Makoro runs on multiple cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) and can easily migrate or operate concurrently on different cloud and on-premise infrastructures.


An infrastructure-agnostic approach provides your business with the flexibility to adapt to changing technology landscapes and optimize costs by choosing the most suitable infrastructure for your specific needs.

Always On

Makoro is an easy-to-use app on the web, iOS, and Android that allows you to access and share insights, recommendations, and escalations at any time and anywhere. 


Our app delivers continuous uptime, resilience, flexibility, and adaptability to changing requirements from customers and technologies, providing reliable services to your business without disruption.

Highly Secure

Data is encrypted on the edge, in transit, and at rest in the cloud. Strict access controls and permissions limit access to resources based on job roles and responsibilities. 


Makoro APIs are secure and implement authentication and authorization mechanisms to control access. Makoro adheres to industry-specific regulations and standards to ensure data security and compliance.

Connect to All Data

Makoro Bind is a scalable service that facilitates the efficient and secure ingestion of large volumes of data in different formats from enterprise and operations systems, validates, enriches, and correlates them. enabling further analysis, insights, and recommendations.


Makoro also securely and scalably collects data from sensors, devices, and equipment. Makoro Edge may be optionally used for edge analysis and protocol translation.

At Scale

Makoro scales transparently with the needs of your business; the app can accommodate a massive number of assets across multiple locations and large numbers of users accessing the platform simultaneously.


Makoro manages ingestion, transformation,  processing, storing, and retrieving data reliably with rapid response times and minimized latency.

Powerful API​

Makoro’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to interact with the Makoro platform programmatically. It provides access to various features, such as viewing the most recent insights, acting on the latest recommendations, searching for escalations, etc.


Developers can create applications, tools, and services that integrate with Makoro, in different ways beyond the official Makoro app.

Delivering data is not enough.
Makoro's AI-powered recommendations deliver faster returns.



Compliance Cost Savings


Higher Workforce Utilization


Sustainability Cost Savings


Reduction in Parts and Labor


Higher Equipment Reliability

Solution Tiers

We understand the importance of giving you choices.
You can begin with Starter even if you have limited or no data, and later
upgrade to predictive insights and recommendations when you’re prepared.


For businesses getting started with low/no data with basic monitoring and data needs

Includes for 25 assets and 10 users:


For businesses willing to benefit from insights based on data from sensors, IT and OT systems

Includes Starter plus:


For businesses willing to benefit from insights on processes, audits, compliance, sustainability

Includes Intermediate plus:


For businesses willing to benefit from custom integrations and integrations based on the usage of Makoro API 

Makoro pricing is based on installation on Makoro Cloud. Pricing varies for private cloud and on-premise installations.

Makoro pricing is based on a B2B SaaS model at per asset per user per month, paid annually.

2-year and 3-year terms work best. ​

A software support and maintenance contract (priced at a percentage of license fees) is required for all solution tiers​​.

Bronze Installation and Support is included with all solution tiers.

Customers have the option to upgrade to higher support levels.

Add Ons

Add-ons are available for purchase at different tiers. Connect with our sales support team if you want to learn more. Or, if you are an existing customer, reach out to your customer success contact. 


Here is a list of common questions that our viewers have on Makoro and answers
to them. Contact our sales support team if you have additional questions.

We offer paid pilots hosted on Makoro Cloud.  A pilot is typically followed by a 14-day risk-free validation. The pilot fees are credited back once you sign up for a license.

We offer different tiers that you can onboard into. These tiers are shown on this page. Pricing depends upon several factors, like number of assets, number of users, data volume, etc. Please contact our customer success and they will help you out with pricing. 

The first step is to get on a discovery call, where we identify a value that Makoro can deliver. If there is a synergy, you get started with a Pilot, which typically takes 4-6 weeks and is priced based on the pilot outcome. You may take advantage of a 14-day risk-free validation following the pilot. Once you are ready to license, we will offer you a quote based on the the solution level you are interested in. Pilot fees are credited back towards license.

You do not install Makoro. Whatever the infrastructure, Makoro is always installed and configured by our professional services team and maintained by our maintenance team. Makoro is by default installed on Makoro Cloud and can be accessed and used from there. However, we also support Makoro on your private clouds and on premise. There may be components of Makoro that will reside on-premise, e.g., Makoro Edge services, but  most services are hosted in the Cloud. 

Makoro is installed on Makoro Cloud by default and can be used and accessed from there. If you choose to get Makoro installed on-premise, you will need to follow our hardware and network specifications. Our professional services team will guide you before you are ready to deploy.

Makoro can interpret: 1) delimited files, which are plain text files where data values  are separated by comma or tab or pipe (most commonly comma, as in CSV files), 2) XML (eXtensible Markup Language) files 3) JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files, 4) Excel files in .xls and.xslx fiormats 5) Flat files, which are plain text files where data is organized in a structured manner, often with fixed-width fields or custom delimiters.


Additionally Makoro Bind, our app connector, can get data from more than 150 applications, either via web services using REST or SOAP protocols or custom connectors.


Makoro DB Connect, our database connector, can extract data from all SQL and NoSQl databases.


Makoro also handles streaming data, more commonly IIoT data from assets via standard protocols like AMQP, MQTT etc. 

Makoro is built for operations, maintenance and reliability teams. So our users span across these departments/divisions. We have also seen Makoro being used by risk management teams, quality teams, audit and compliance teams, and the CFO’s office.

Yes, we do offer an ROI calculator. Please connect with our Customer Success Team if you are already a Makoro customer or with our Sales Support Team if you are exploring Makoro.

Outcomes vary with customers, their requirements, usage and goals of using Makoro. These metrics reflect a range of numbers that we see across our customers. 

Our Data Privacy Policy is accessible from the Pilot page. You will be required to read and accept it when you sign up for a Makoro pilot. It is also accessible via the Data Privacy Policy link in our website footer.

Our Terms of Service is accessible from the Pilot page. You will be required to read and accept it when you sign up for a Makoro pilot. It is also accessible via the Terms Of Service link in our website footer.

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