Makoro™ – augmented decision making for smart manufacturing

The advent of IoT and cloud-based technologies has increased the availability of data in #manufacturing. This data will allow businesses to monitor and control their processes at a much higher level of sophistication.
The availability of huge amounts of data also opens opportunities for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence which then empowers your manufacturing workforce to make objective, transparent, and more accurate decisions in day-to-day operations. We are not talking of analytics that leads to improved visualization representation. Real-time visualization of operations is important, but with Makoro™ we are going beyond that – we are building a decision support system for manufacturing.  With advanced analytics capabilities in Makoro™, we are putting reports and dashboards behind us. It is no longer necessary for your users to drill, slice, or dice data.
Moreover, just because I mention AI and Advanced Analytics, you don’t need to hire data scientists, analysts, and teams of software engineers to maintain, operate and use Makoro™.
In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
With Makoro™, we display intelligence in the form of natural language recommendations in plain English (or whatever your language happens to be) so your employees can read and understand them easily. These are recommendations that will impact your asset operation and maintenance processes for now, and many other processes later as we keep building more. But if you happen to have a data scientist on your team, we do offer data and statistics to back up our recommendations that your power user can dive into.
You ask that’s broad – how can Makoro™ be everything for everyone?
But we are not building it broadly.
We are breaking Makoro™ down into specific problems. And for each problem, we are building Makoro™ deep before we go broad. That’s really the only way to build an artificial intelligence product. If you want to solve everything, even in a specific (and vast) domain like manufacturing, the product eventually ends up being a set of loosely joined projects. We are taking up asset performance at first and solving problems around that. That’s what the team is working on now.
At the core is Makoro™ Mind – our AI platform that is capable of taking in and analyzing super large data sets from a variety of manufacturing sources and applying machine learning and deep learning algorithms to the data. The resulting models are then used to derive insights and recommendations about asset operations, which are automatically incorporated into operational flows so that as data is received from your assets, our models generate recommendations that support your workers in making operational business decisions in real-time.
Using the capabilities of Makoro™ Mind we are building three applications: Makoro™ Line – which makes recommendations about asset uptime, Makoro™ Care – which makes recommendations about asset maintenance and Makoro™ Force – which makes recommendations about improving the productivity of operations and maintenance workforce.
All this with little to no data preparation or staging effort. Because we solve very specific problems you do not need to boil the ocean to prepare data.
And also because we have a Swiss Army knife. We call it Makoro™ Prime.
Prime automates data preparation tasks that you commonly need so you don’t break a sweat. It facilitates data preparation for your training needs. Prime understands data in all sorts of formats – the ones you use and the ones we use. You can use your data in your formats. Prime will take it – without type restrictions and without limitations on data volume. Once Prime kicks in, it will cleanse, aggregate, summarize and transform your data as required for analysis. And you will have complete transparency through the process.
Sitting on top of IoT and other manufacturing and enterprise systems MAKORO™ is being built to be the intelligent infrastructure that becomes the basis for industrial applications which will allow businesses to move to predictive operations and maintenance in the short and medium-term, and to solve more strategic problems like market expansion, product differentiation in the long term, which will eventually lead businesses undertaking personalized and sustainable manufacturing.
We are building Makoro™ for Cloud. For now. But we are looking for opportunities to bring it to the Fog and the Edge. Our goal is to have Makoro™ footprints in all computing environments.
Until next time…