Manufacturers must embrace the best practices of D2C digitization

The #IndustrialManufacturing world is poised to learn (and benefit) from the massive digital pivot that their B2C counterparts are already benefitting from.

Industrial companies must learn from the B2C experiences and pivot into digital. They must adopt digital through the entire #SupplyChains to get back the operational cost advantages.

A recent McKinsey & Company survey showed that two-thirds of business-to-business (B2B) customers prefer remote human assistance or digital self-service when making purchases.

Per Gartner, 36% of heavy manufacturing CIOs reported that digital disruption caused operating cost competitiveness to fall behind their digitally advanced competitors.

Recommendations (customer, product, etc.) have delivered consistently higher customer engagements and driven massive growth at #retailers. #MakoroAI delivers the benefits of recommendations powered by #DigitalTwins to asset manufacturers, owners, and operators.

With the exploding volume, format, and velocity of data from sensors, enterprise, and operational systems, #DataIsNotEnough to make fast, transparent, and consistent decisions. #AssetPerformanceRecommendations from Makoro™ is the future for medical, #industrial, and #manufacturing processes.

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