Damage Prevention Powered by Makoro

When AI is utilized in applications such as 811 call centers and on-site personnel, it has the ability to mitigate risks, detect damage trends, and ultimately eliminate excavation damage.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has altered how businesses maintain, monitor, and construct infrastructure. In the damage prevention sector, advancements such as 24-hour monitoring systems, gas leak detection equipment, and improved safety gear have all contributed to the safety of construction sites and infrastructure projects.

The effectiveness with which a company manages service demands has a significant impact on its ability to succeed. When customers have problems with the company’s goods or services, users create support request tickets. Enterprises must emphasize finding rapid and effective solutions to these problems to meet customer/user expectations swiftly and provide an improved service experience. Often ignored in the realm of damage prevention is the use of artificial intelligence (AI), which may be used to optimize ticket processing, monitor all sources of information, develop statistical safety models, and expedite on-site repairs to damaged utilities. Due to the volume of tickets generated daily, the ticket processing system at many contact centers may swiftly deteriorate from a trickle to a torrent.

Makoro™’s pioneering AI-Digital-Twin-based recommendation technology provides the damage prevention industry with a transformative continuous intelligence platform, which combines Artificial intelligence (AI) with Advanced Analytics to analyze tickets for risk indicators.

In the U.S. an underground utility line is damaged every six minutes. MakoroTM Mind – the underlying AI and Advanced Analytics Platform for Makoro™,  aggregates, correlates data from Geographical Information Systems, assets deployed in the field, and data generated by utilities, excavators, locators, and makes recommendations to mitigate risk in real-time.

MakoroTM automatically categorizes tickets into risk profiles and populates schedules of one-call center personnel based on the risk assessment. Moreover, Makoro™’s predictive analytics makes predictions of damage based on utilities around job sites and the risk record of excavators.

Not only does Makoro™ provide total insights into the operations of asset owners, operators, and call centers, but having a system that learns continuously from the root cause analysis of damages and damage tickets enables our customers to make better safety recommendations and constantly enhance operational efficiency.

While artificial intelligence has a variety of uses in the damage prevention business, one thing they all have in common is the collection of correct data to aid in determining predictability.

Regardless of whether AI is used to identify or warn employees of potential hazards, workers stand to gain from better safety recommendations based on Makoro™’s Continuous Intelligence platform. For damage monitoring systems such as the DIRT Report, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change how One-Call centres and national organizations measure, report, and act to mitigate future damages.

Makoro™ leverages customers’ existing infrastructure investments (cloud, on-premise, or hybrid) and interacts effortlessly with the customer’s existing private/public/hybrid cloud, on-premise, and edge systems.

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