Makoro™ for smart manufacturing – run your assets smarter

Makoro™ monitors assets and proactively provides maintenance recommendations. Such prediction reduces unplanned downtime and time taken to repair. This in turn reduces lost revenue and improves productivity.

Recommendations from Makoro™ are contextual and delivered at the point they are used so they can be conveniently accessed and acted upon. For example, maintenance engineers may get recommendations related to maintenance requests assigned to them on tablets while they are moving around on the factory floor, while maintenance managers would receive cost of service recommendations on their work laptops in their offices.

Businesses use Makoro™ to:

  1. Reduce unplanned downtime: Makoro™ combines data from sensors with asset service history with parts inventory and workforce availability to schedule preventive maintenance for assets.
  2. Reduce workforce cost: Predictive ability in Makoro™ enables businesses balance their maintenance workforce better, resulting in cost reduction.
  3. Improve quality of service: Makoro™ predictively routes maintenance requests to maintenance personnel best suited to perform the job – onsite or outsourced, as the case may be. Thus maintenance personnel can ensure highest quality of service with minimal planned downtime.
  4. Improve consistency of service: Makoro™ provides contextual recommendations to maintenance personnel to help them perform maintenance work on the assets with a reduced time, better quality and consistency. This results in higher mean time between failure, higher workforce satisfaction and higher customer satisfaction through better product quality.
  5. Lower cost of service: In the process of routing service requests, Makoro™ analyzes workforce distribution across geographies and skillsets. Makoro™ also tracks other workforce metrics. This helps businesses reduce skill gaps and set up programs for workforce improvements. This also results in optimized workforce distribution and will lower cost of service.
  6. Improve performance continuously: Makoro™ allows businesses to track their customer satisfaction indices, workforce satisfaction indices and indices related to quality and cost of service. Notifications are automatically sent out when these indices change patterns.

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