Eva – A significantly affordable step in industrial robotics

Automata raises $7.4M on the power of Eva – a $6,600 Industrial Robot that can perform simple tasks relieving human minds to focus on the more complex ones. Comparable equipments start at around $25,000. Interesting story (below) on how betting on a 2-person startup called Automata is paying off for ABB. Automata’s selling point?  “A prototype we could carry around in our backpack, which was insane for ABB because their robots weigh 50 kilos”.

Choreograph, Automata’s software is another factor that differentiates Eva from other major industrial competitors. It is cloud-based, and a company can log in, control and monitor Eva from any web-based interface.

A big step towards #smartmanufacturing – decreasing prices will see increased adoption of robotic devices at a time when there is a rapid expansion of #industrialautomation activities on the basis of increased efficiency, reduced human errors and improved worker safety.

Inspired by: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/19/abb-backed-automata-launches-eva-robot.html