We are building Porsches here

Do you get this question often – “How frequently will our customers use the analytics tool?” 

We do.

Our response is: it depends – are you building a Porsche? 

We could build a technology stack.

We can very well put together a formidable analytics stack with the latest and the very best in open source and proprietary software – we roll Spark, Kafka, Storm, Cassandra, Mongo, CouchBase, Hadoop, Hive, AWS, CloudFoundry (and more…) altogether – and come with a super-cool technology stack that makes us blue with “cool”. And we would then offer this platform to customers so they could build their solutions on top.

Or we can build a Porsche.

Or we can build an analytics machine to provide our customers with the best “driving experience”. Like the menacing Porsche engine under the hood that performs relentlessly our customers won’t see our technologies. But the experience we deliver will touch every part of their work life. Customers will not “use” our stack, they won’t even use it when they need it, in fact, they could even care less about what it is.

But they will constantly engage with our analytics machine without needing to know what goes on inside.

Our machine is the enabler – it does comprise of some of the cool and highly performant technologies from above, but the technologies are our delivery vehicle – while our machine delivers a unique customer experience like no one else.

We don’t deliver a technology stack – we deliver an exhilarating customer experience.

Agreed, we are building a machine that is less “broad” in terms of its appeal to customers – they can’t build “any” application using our engine. But that’s a conscious choice – to build something focused and deep. We call it “deep domain”.

That is what our AI-powered applications do – they use an underlying analytics platform to uncover insights that deliver the business experience without making users feel like they are using one. Our applications deliver the right amount of information with the right simplicity (note: simplicity is key!) to the point of consumption.

Users continue interacting normally with their business systems but the underlying power of data analytics makes their experience relevant and engaging. 

Our way is the way of delivering the “Porsche experience” – we have built an underlying machine powered by AI and Advanced Analytics and are building deep domain solutions on top. We will then open it up to developers, engineers, and customers so they can leverage the power of the mighty machine to build an ecosystem of solutions. We will continue to deliver value through our applications, not the platform.

Every day we dream to enhance the lives of Line Managers, Operations Leaders, Supply Chain Managers, Service Leaders,  Service Engineers while they go through their daily lives – deliver insights to where they matter most and when they matter most without them having to “use” our “stack” or “tool”.