A Smart Manufacturing architecture

A bottoms-up architecture proposal for #industry40 to simplify OT architecture with #mqtt.

It’s true OT environments are complex and uses heterogenous systems based on vendor-specific, proprietary technologies. Simplifying these systems using open protocols and standards is an important step towards devising an Industry 4.0 architecture. Whether you go top down or bottom up in your architectural approach, one thing is for sure: with increasing complexity of systems and prime assets spread across multiple locations and geographies it’s no longer feasible to scope, architect, design, build, and maintain operational systems in groups of silos using ad-hoc approaches.

The real value proposition of a simplified architecture more amenable to #smartmanufacturing (involving both IT and OT systems) is in the end to fulfill the mission of secure, reliable, and streamlined operations.

Inspired by: https://www.smartindustry.com/articles/2019/industry-4-0-requires-a-new-architecture