Digital-Twin-Powered Recommendations Deliver Savings & Efficiency



Recommendations from Makoro™ deliver improved asset and process performance consistently. But instead of looking at data and making decisions yourself, the system provides a simple prescription of actions to be taken based on deep analytics. This improves consistency in decision-making and ensures compliance.

Decision-making is transparent as all actions on recommendations are tracked by the system and learned from to make future recommendations better.

Makoro™ connects to any source of data, including data from log files, and excel spreadsheets, and the data that has been sitting on your flash drives.

Makoro™ offers simple SaaS pricing (per asset per month per user) for customers – asset, equipment, and process manufacturers, owners, and operators.

Makoro™ operates frictionlessly across Edge, Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds, and Customer Data Centers, so it leverages customer’s infrastructure to the maximum.

Makoro™ now offers 4 capability levels – starting with Starter, through Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro, so customers can onboard and scale with ease depending on their requirements.

The 10-Day Challenge program is the right point to start and mitigate your risks in Makoro™ adoption.

Makoro™ leverages #AppliedArtificialIntelligence and #NaturalLanguageRecommendations powered by #DigitalTwin in solving transformative problems in the manufacturing supply chain.

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