Augmented Analytics with Makoro™

“Augmented analytics tools will have the biggest impact on enterprises in the long run”, said Jim Hare, a Gartner analyst.

The most important  aspects of Makoro™’s solution are:

  1. Delivering an Exact Amount of Contextual Recommendations to users at the point of consumption to increase their productivity and flexibility. This is so your Chief Service Officer can make QoS decisions or CoS decisions faster without having to go through loads of reports and dashboards (Gartner puts it as: “As digital businesses become inundated with data, augmented analytics is crucial for presenting to operational users only what is important for them in the context to act upon at that moment,”)
  2. Delivering AI-powered decisions for non-data scientists and non-technical users has been the most important goal for Makoro™ – the reason we go to great lengths to make “business” recommendations powered by beautiful and powerful AI under the hoods. As users of Makoro™ you are not involved in model selection, cross-validation, feature engineering, etc. – we make is as simple for you as possible through Accept and Dismiss recommendations. For power users, we still have the WhatIf for all our recommendations where you can simulate the recommendation to better your understanding of the impacts before you accept or dismiss one.  (Gartner puts it as “Intelligent automation is enabling non-data scientists to use advanced analytics techniques to uncover opportunities from massive data sources, solve more complex problems and better optimize outcomes,”

We at #codedataio are excited to be working on the #AugmentedAnalytics goals that Gartner is recommending businesses to adopt in 2019.

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